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About Us

About Us

DV Luxury International is a focused and progressive conglomerate aiming to add value to our customers business via its products, services and innovative solutions. The Group has a diversified portfolio with presence in multiple domains such as Real Estate, Education, Event Management, Entertainment, Hospitality, Supply Chain Management, Automation and Software & Technology. We are focusing on quality delivery, solutions approach, product development processes, flexible manufacturing systems and contract manufacturing. We believe that success depends on collective competencies, technical abilities and commitment of human capital. The core strength and value asset of DV Luxury Group is the dedication of their employees, who synergize to deliver quality results to the clients. The group executes large gamut of activities through its corporate social responsibility arm – Spandan Social Welfare Foundation. The organization believes and undertakes various activities that enhance and enrich the quality of life of the community. The Group also prevails to preserve the ecological balance as well as its cultural heritage of India.

Our Mission

One of the world's leading producers and providers of Luxury products& Services. Defining style to the global modern luxury in Hindustani style with blend of tradition, innovation and kindle dream and fantasy. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brand and actions to everyday life and services that exceed our customers desired.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the world best Luxury business group in all segment wherein strive to deliver the highest of service standards at all times and under all circumstances through the power of people, innovation and technology

Core Values

  • Diligence: Do everything (set direction, deploy actions, analyze, review, plan and mitigate risks etc) with A thoroughness that delivers quality and Excellence
  • Value Creation : Whatever services & Product deliver to our customer.
  • Love : What we do and do it with Love for our customer, our team, our Country & our universe.
  • Understanding : To understand the need of our Client.
  • Xenial: A friendly relationship between our client, customer & competitors.
  • Uniqueness: Exclusive Designed for Clients.
  • Respect: to our Clients, Consumers, Our team, and the Environment.
  • Young by Heart : We set high objectives and push to achieve the best results. We are courageous to constantly challenge the status quo to create new business ideas and seize opportunities. We continually innovate to deliver memorable experiences as a team

Management Team

Our leaders have the experience, agility, and courage to transform the company.

Executive Director